Sumray Natural Agate Bangle


Bracelet For Womens Accessories Gift



  • ♥ High Quality Materials ♥ Raw stone from Madagascar, agate, chalcedony.
  • ♥ Excellent Craftsmanship ♥ The bangle bracelets are hand polished by excellent craftsmen,their patterns and colors are different.Therefore, the shape of the pendant you received is the shape shown in the photo, but the color block pattern inside the bracelet may be different from the photo. Each bangle is unique, and no one is the same.That is a surprise for you to own it.
  • ♥ Design Concept ♥ Wearing an agate bracelet can both dress up and benefit the body. Let you get unique and elegant pieces. When you go to a party, go to work or shop, you can dress up formal or casual, it’s definitely a striking bracelet.
  • ♥ Size Information ♥There is a picture that shows the size of the bangle bracelet. In order to buy the bracelet that suits you, please confirm your size before purchase.Before wearing the bracelet, you can apply some lubricant on your hand, such as detergent, hand soap, shower gel, etc. to make the bracelet wearing hand smoother, so that it is easier to put on the bracelet.
  • ♥ A Great Gift Idea ♥ The timeless craftsmanship of this agate bracelet makes it a gift for all occasions. Such as parties, fashion shows, banquets, photos, weddings, engagements, dances, etc. Christmas gift, Valentine’s Day gift, Mother’s Day gift, birthday gift, wedding anniversary gift perfect choice.


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